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Kube-Pak inventory is available on a first come, first serve basis and is always subject to availability.  Our product is a live product and it's availability is never guaranteed.  For more information regarding this policy, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales persons.​

Kube-Pak Inventory

​At Kube-Pak, we maintain inventory in following three categories.


Plugs inventory

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These are plug flats that are available for immediate sale.  They are ready to be shipped to the customer and are found in our "Ready Bay".

Future Plug Availability

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These plug flats have been identified during our production process as flats that will most likely be available  in some future week. These plug flats may be consumed by Kube-Pak to fix other custom grown plug orders and may not make it to a ready to ship status. Although we make an effort to only count these flats once we no longer anticipate using them, the nature of a living inventory occasionally requires us to utilize these trays.

Finished Product Availability

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In addition to custom grown plugs, Kube-Pak proudly produces fine quality plant products in a ready for market format. Popular with nurseries and landscapers, Kube-Pak produces finished material in all four seasons.