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Whether you are purchasing Plugs or Finished items, there is definitely an advantage to buying Kube-Pak products.



Plugs & Rooted Cuttings

Over 35 years of experience growing plugs and rooted cuttings.


Superior seed placement on plug trays.


All of our plug trays contain ROOTSHIELD®.


We custom blend our own soil mixes so that the  pH of the mix matches the pH requirements of the individual plants.


Utilization of 105 Ellepots for Rooted Cuttings

( Ellepots promote better root systems & easier transplanting with no transplant shock )


Truck Delivery:  There are no minimums for Truck Delivery as long as we are in your area.  95% of our

Plugs and Rooted Cuttings are delivered on OUR trucks.

This extra effort yields RESULTS!

Our plugs and rooted cuttings benefit from these measures resulting in better

root development, increased nutrient uptake and fewer disease problems.


Finished Material

Our finished items are grown from the same high quality plugs that we provide to our customers.

All of our mixes contain NUTRICOTE® – This is a slow release fertilizer which continues

to provide nutrients to the plants for months after they leave our greenhouse.


The majority of our 1801 flats have two plants per pack instead of one.

This will give you fuller plants and better root systems.


We custom blend our soil mixes so that the  pH of the mix
matches the pH requirements of the individual plants
Many items are now available in Ellepots.

    Like our plugs, this extra effort yields RESULTS in our finished products as well.

Your customers will benefit from these enhancements because our plants will perform better in their gardens and homes. This means happy customers and repeat business for you.